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Artist, Designer, Educator

Rachel is from Nottingham, UK. She is a passionate and life-long creative who works across a range of disciplines. In 2003 she began studying at Goldsmiths, London. She explored photography, sculpture, and painting and in her final year art exhibition in 2006 embraced and showcased these aspects. Goldsmiths awarded Rachel with the Nancy and Bernay´s prize for high academic achievement.  Since then, she has been teaching whilst continuing to develop her art and design work. 


Her work continues to be varied, often focusing on the exploration of texture and relationships between shape and colours. Rachel enjoys bringing her passions together to create graphic designs for logos, websites and other stationery, such as business cards, flyers etc.


Her love of nature is reflected in her animal series. Another passion of Rachel´s is property renovation and interior design. Rachel loves to bring her 2-dimensional paintings into the 3-dimensional world by using her artwork to decorate selected designs. She collaborates with a London-based workshop to have her work adorn beautifully crafted Italian Nappa leather handbags or cool flowing kimonos. 


Rachel is currently working in education. She is also a lead inspector for the National Association for British Schools in Spain. She views creativity as an intelligence and a life-skill that is a platform for all learning and the mechanism for success. Rachel is also the editor, graphic designer and web developer for Keyworth News Magazine.